Data Optimization

Transform data for greater insights and personalization.

Create personalized shopping experiences, optimize your operations, drive revenue growth — and so much more. With BigCommerce’s Big Open Data Solutions, you have full control to ignite the power of your data.

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Discover Big Open Data Solutions

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Freedom of choice

Assemble a technology stack that’s unique to your business needs. Choose from data warehouses, BI tools, customer data platforms, analytics and personalization solutions.

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Open and extensible

Gain a holistic view of your business. You can easily connect, integrate and securely transfer your BigCommerce store data to any partner technology solution.

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Unified data

Break down your data silos. Once your data is  unified together, you can view  the entire customer journey and make data-driven decisions that will drive your business forward.

Explore our data technology partners

Store and connect your data

A data warehouse is a central repository that stores your data from multiple sources and can run powerful analytics on large volumes of data. You can also support multiple functions, including data analysis, data mining, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

BigCommerce offers native integration with:

Gain actionable insights

Business Intelligence solutions help you analyze and visualize data across your entire business. Create custom reports, easily share insights with stakeholders and so much more.

Our featured partners:

Build holistic customer profiles

A customer data platform (CDP) captures customer data across numerous touchpoints and combines it to help your team better understand who your customers are and how they shop.

BigCommerce offers native integration with:

Deliver custom shopping experiences

With personalization solutions, you can deliver custom experiences for each shopper through dynamic content, product recommendations, discounts and offers and so much more.

Our featured partners:

Learn how your store performs

Analytics tools help you understand how your customers behave online so you can discover what's working and what's not. With these data insights at hand, you can improve your online advertising and merchandising strategies to fuel profitable business growth.

In addition to our native Insights and Analytics tools, you can check out our featured partners: PayHelm,, DynamicView, Google Analytics 4 and Meta Pixel.

Visit our app marketplace for a complete list of data solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I learn more about Big Open Data Solutions?

Our team is here to help answer all your questions. Connect with us at for a complimentary consulting session.

Can all merchants access the Google BigQuery or integration?

As of now, the Google BigQuery and integrations are only available to merchants on Pro and Enterprise plans. Merchants on a Standard or Plus plan will need to upgrade to access these benefits.

Do you have any other tools to help merchants get started?

Yes. As of now, we have three sample Google Data Studio for product revenue by category, cost of goods sold, and revenue by city. They’re a great solution for getting started using Google BigQuery. You can find them here in our Knowledge Base along with instructions on how to use them.

Do you have any specific data solutions for small businesses?

If you’re a smaller merchant aiming to get started with data or personalization and you don’t need a robust solution, we recommend checking out Google Analytics or LimeSpot. You can also explore all of our partners in the app marketplace to find the right one for your needs.

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