My Adventures with Superman Was Very Inspired by Trigun, Says Producers (Exclusive)

It turns out My Adventures with Superman was heavily inspired by Trigun!

My Adventures with Superman is now back in action with Season 2 of the Adult Swim original animated series, and the producers behind it all revealed that it's actually very inspired by Trigun! My Adventures with Superman's first season debut was a massive hit with fans as it introduced new anime inspired take on classic DC Comics characters like Clark Kent, Lois Lane, and Jimmy Olsen. It's these designs that ended up getting a ton of attention as fans remarked how well they were handled in the transition to this new anime take. As it turns out, there are some direct connections to the world of anime too. 

My Adventures with Superman Season 2 is showing off even more of the anime inspired makeovers that became a hit with fans in the first season, and the creative team behind it all revealed that their version of Lois and Clark was actually inspired by Trigun. When asked by ComicBook ahead of the new season's premiere whether or not it was true that Lois closely mirrored Meryl Stryfe's design from Trigun, Co-Producer Josie Campbell and Co-Executive Producer Jake Wyatt confirmed this to be the case. 

(Photo: Adult Swim / Tokuma Shoten)

How Trigun Inspires My Adventures with Superman

After Campbell had noted that the Lois and Meryl connections were "correct" and that they also would have taken a Casca from Berserk comparison for the design, Wyatt had revealed that they saw their version of Clark and Lois' dynamic much like the dynamic between Meryl and Vash the Stampede in Trigun as they "deliberately" pulled from the character, "Meryl Strife is basically the investigator girlfriend to a Superman...That is the dynamic. They are Vash and Meryl. So we pulled from her very deliberately."

In terms of these redesigns, Wyatt also explained that DC actually gave them quite a bit of freedom when it came to developing the new character designs, "...[E]veryone was really chill and encouraging as long as we were trying to do it from a place of character, and we really were trying to do it from a place of character. We care about the property. It's Superman. We care about all this, and we care about these characters...We just want to bring these characters to a new and vivid life, and DC was really behind us in that."

My Adventures with Superman Season 2 is now airing new episodes with Adult Swim on Saturdays at midnight, with the episodes then streaming with Max the next day.