Batman: Justice Buster Wraps After Four Years

The Dark Knight's latest foray into the manga world has come to an end as Justice Buster wraps.

This summer, DC Comics' premiere supervillain team, the Suicide Squad, will be hitting the anime world thanks to Wit Studio's Suicide Squad Isekai. While the upcoming anime series has highlighted the likes of Harley Quinn, the Joker, Peacemaker, Deadshot, King Shark, and Clayface, the Dark Knight has yet to be confirmed to be a part of the new anime world. Unfortunately, on top of Bruce Wayne's unsure anime future, Batman's latest manga has also ended as Batman: Justice Buster has released its final chapter.

Batman: Justice Buster is only the latest manga foray into the world of Gotham City, as the Dark Knight has had his fair share of manga series in the past. In the 1960s, creator Jiro Kuwata had forged the first ever manga to focus on Batman in the hilariously titled "Batmanga". Following this initial manga offering, DC's most popular hero would receive additional stories in the medium in Batman: Child of Dreams, Batman: Death Mask, and Batman And The Justice League. Even Bruce's number one villain, the Joker, received his own manga series, showing how committed DC is to dropping both heroes and villains alike into the manga world. 

(Photo: DC Comics & Kodansha)

Batman: Justice Buster Ends

Justice Buster ended in the recent issue of Kodansha Morning, ending the four-year-long run on this new take on the Dark Knight. Created by Eiichi Shimizu and Tomohiro Shimoguchi, the series has yet to confirm when the finale will hit North America. Considering past chapters have hopped the sea for Western fans, there's a safe bet that these last installments will do the same in the future. At present, there has been no word as to whether this manga will receive an anime adaptation.

If you haven't had the chance to check out Batman: Justice Buster, here's how DC Comics describes the latest manga adventure focusing on the Dark Knight, "In Batman: Justice Buster, Gotham City has been under the protection of Batman for only a short amount of time, but since the vigilante's appearance, crime has changed. It's gotten more bold, more destructive. As Batman tries to rise to meet these new threats, he develops a computer system, ROBIN, to help him analyze and subdue the rising criminal tide and hopefully one day put an end to crime in Gotham."

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