DC's James Gunn Confirms Major Writers Joining Green Lantern Series

James Gunn teases some great writers for the Green Lanterns series.

DC head James Gunn revealed some new deails about the studio's upcoming Green Lantern series. On Instagram, the president laid out a team of writers including Tom King, Damon Lindelof and Chris Mundy working on Lanterns. These names are going to make the fans excited because they've been steeped in the DC fandom for a while. (Watchmen fans probably sat up in their chairs when Lindelof got mentioned. He recently departed a Star Wars project, so we might be in for something really special.) As the months have stretched on, Gunn has managed to assemble a bunch of creatives to mold the DC Universe into what he wants it to be. Along the way, the talent has shown that the president is taking things very seriously when it comes to Lanterns and all the other properties.

"Yes, it's true. The Lanterns DCU series is putting together a crack team of writers, based on a wonderful pilot script and bible by Chris Mundy, Tom King, and Damon Lindelof," Gunn wrote on the social media platform. "A hearty welcome to Chris and @damonlindelof as they join the DC Studios family (no welcome necessary for old @tomking_tk, who has been here nearly since inception)."

Who Are The Green Lanterns For This Project?

(Photo: Producer Pete)

When it comes to Lanterns, there's one particular bit of casting that has people elated. James Gunn already told fans that Nathan Fillion will be Guy Gardener in Superman next year. Of course, the fan-favorite actor has long been fancast as a member of the Green Lantern Corps. As he's preparing for the role, he talked to Collider about what made Gardner so appealing for everything moving forward. The Lantern can be a bit abrasive, but those flaws help make him such an endearing presence in the DC Universe.

"The reality is that people have flaws," Fillion began. "We all have quirks. We all have vulnerabilities. You could have the most wonderful family, but be like, 'Oh, my God, my dad drives me nuts. He's got this one thing.' Everybody's got something, and I love to lean into those faults and flaws. It's what makes people real and what allows audiences to relate, because we all know what that is. We all have our own. We witness it in other people. Guy Gardner is 90% flawed and doesn't care. That's one of his flaws. I think there's a real freedom in playing that. So, for a guy who likes to play flaws and flawed people, Guy Gardner is a gold mine."

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