My Adventures with Superman Execs Reveal What They Want From Their Multiverse (Exclusive)

The creative team behind My Adventures with Superman revealed what they want to accomplish with their multiverse!

My Adventures with Superman introduced its own take on the multiverse with the first season of the animated series, and the team behind it all revealed what they are hoping to accomplish with this wider scope with Season 2! My Adventures with Superman introduced fans to anime influenced takes on classic DC Comics characters like Clark Kent, Lois Lane, and Jimmy Olsen, and fans got to see a whole new take on Superman's early days as a hero. But as the series progressed through that first season, it also threw many wrenches into Clark's life with wild complications that he had to deal with. 

One of these complications was the introduction of a whole new multiverse. Lois not only discovered that there was a full League of Lois Lanes who have been keeping track of the various Supermen across the universes, but Clark also discovered that there's a potential evil route he could've gone. Introducing a multiverse is a huge deal, and speaking with ComicBook, Co-Executive Producer Jake Wyatt admitted that they didn't really think of the wider "multiversal implications" with such an introduction. 

(Photo: Adult Swim)

My Adventures with Superman's Multiversal Implications

"So it's interesting because when we were pitching the League of Lois Lanes...I didn't think hard enough about what multiverse means to DC fans, " Wyatt began. "...[O]ur actual analog was the Council of Reed Richards or the Captain Britain Council. That's what we were thinking of, which are Marvel. But we work for this distinguished competition, so I hadn't thought about the gravity of the DC multiverse." The multiverse was introduced to serve Clark and Lois' relationship first and foremost. 

"The reason we wanted to do that was to challenge Clark and Lois' ideas of themselves and each other at that stage in their relationship," Wyatt continued. "So we were trying to serve a character moment, and we didn't really even think about the multiversal implications...[B]ut in my head anyway, I was always like, 'Yeah, this is a moment for the characters to have themselves challenged and to have their identities challenged right as they're starting to form them.' That's what it was for me."

Co-Producer Josie Campbell echoed this multiversal sentiment too, "I think for me, it was really about Clark, because it's seeing his worst nightmare come true. Our Clark is so concerned about the idea that he might hurt somebody, he might accidentally make things worse, that he is a monster. That it is really important both that now Lois and Jimmy have this secret that they're keeping from Clark when they said 'No more secrets.' Then also the season one finale that Clark gets hit at his lowest with that image of, 'Oh my God, all my fears are right. This is possible.'"

Elaborating further, Campbell teased how this comes back in My Adventures with Superman Season 2, "I think that's a thread that we continue on a little bit in season two. It sets up a lot of Clark's inner turmoil about Krypton and where he comes from, and who his people were, and who he could be, and who other people could be. So it really sets up a big theme for season two, honestly."