Monster Hunter Wilds' State of Play Trailer Reveals New Gameplay Details

Monster Hunter Wilds' new trailer provides a great first look at gameplay.

Today's PlayStation State of Play was filled with new trailers and announcements for upcoming games like Concord and Silent Hill 2. However, the trailer that likely stole the show for many was the new footage we saw from Monster Hunter Wilds. While the game isn't due out anytime soon, seeing it in action is sure to whet the appetite of fans who have been dying to see what the team at Capcom does with the massively popular franchise next. In this new Monster Hunter Wilds trailer, those fans got to see the game in action, while also getting a few story nuggets to keep their interest piqued. 

Monster Hunter Wilds Gameplay Trailer 

As you can see in the trailer above, this is much more cinematic gameplay than you'd expect from a deep dive. That said, it's not a full CGI trailer either. Instead, the team has pulled back the UI and given us a glance at what Monster Hunter Wilds looks like in motion. We see the player character fighting massive monsters in melee and ranged combat. There's even a section where they're fighting from the back of their mount. Long-time fans will note many of their favorite weapons showing up in this trailer because Wilds is bringing back all 14 iconic pieces of gear. 

However, don't expect each armament to function exactly as it did in the past. Instead, the team is adding new actions for every weapon. You can actually see this in action with both the Great Sword and Heavy Bowgun, though the team will share more in-depth rundowns of each weapon in the future. We also got to learn about the new Focus Mode, which is a new way for players to slow the action down, making it more accessible to new players. Plus, there was a quick look at the new Hook Slinger, which you'll use to collect items from a distance.

The team shared a few story details as well. We know that Monster Hunter Wilds takes place in the Forbidden Lands, a massive area that the Guild has never explored. You play as a Hunter sent to help explore the untamed wilderness and will have your trusty Palico at your side. The trailer also introduced us to a few other support characters you'll get to know as you make your way through the Forbidden Lands.

Unfortunately, the new trailer did not reveal a release date. We know that Monster Hunter Wilds is set to launch at some point in 2025, but Capcom hasn't narrowed it down any further than that. When it does launch next year, fans will be able to pick it up on PlayStation 5 and PC.