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With the right tools and strategy from the experts at award-winning digital agency, Jamersan and BigCommerce, you’ll have what you need to improve efficiency, free up internal resources, and grow your Ecommerce business.

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Our in-depth guide will pull back the curtain and give you the inside scoop on how to best achieve Ecommerce growth – just like Ken from Bulk Candy Store.

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Download the ultimate playbook and learn how to:

  • Select the best Ecommerce platform for your business
  • Protect your business from local tax risk
  • Get the best shipping rates and streamline order management
  • Create custom shipping rules to give customers the most compelling shipping options
  • Build stronger customer relationships with email and SMS messaging
  • Increase customer loyalty and lifetime value
  • Generate search results based on shopper intentions and behavior

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The Ecommerce Makeover:

Changing the way Ecommerce is viewed forever!

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“Since I re-platformed to BigCommerce I nearly doubled our conversion rates.”

Ken Shenkman Co-Owner, Bulk Candy Store

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