The Home Alone House Is Back on the Market

Home Alone's iconic house is up for sale again.

Home Alone's iconic house is back on the market and movie fans are obsessing over the realtor's posts about it. Over in Chicago's North Shore, 671 N. Lincoln Ave. is the house you all remember from the 1990s Christmas staple. Back then, the McCalister family was supposed to take a trip. But, young Kevin had to fend off home invaders all by his lonesome during the Holiday Season. It's a core memory for a lot of viewers out there. On Zillow, you can have your chance to live in movie history for the paltry sum of $5,250,000. (What a deal!) But, seriously, the closest a lot of us are going to get to buying that house is scrolling through these pictures on the Internet. Check out what the Zillow lisitng is down below!

"A legendary holiday dream home, reimagined for modern-day luxury: The stately brick Georgian residence of Home Alone fame brings forward a rare opportunity to own one of the most iconic movie residences in American pop culture. Nestled on a picturesque, tree-lined street in the heart of east Winnetka and elegantly poised behind a wrought-iron gate, the property epitomizes classic Chicago suburban architecture," The Zillow description reads. "The residence itself is a masterpiece of traditional style with an effortlessly flowing floorplan brimming with warmth, character, and exquisitely crafted detail. Fully renovated and expanded in 2018, the current owners took the utmost care in maintaining the architectural detail and integrity of the home's most memorable and recognizable spaces."

Home Alone Stars & Fans React To Wild Pricetag

(Photo: Airbnb)

Every time this house hits the market, fans ask the actors about the economics of such a massive house in Illinois. PEOPLE Magazine caught up with Catherine O'Hara to ask about these pressing matters. Earlier this year, the Home Alone house was valued at around $2.3 million and viewers couldn't believe it.

"I thought the house was pretty amazing," O'Hara reflected. "Oh Lord, yeah. I was aware of how beautiful it was, but no, I never thought of their money. That's not where my head was when I was doing [the movie]. Of course, they all went to Paris, didn't they?... People have these theories. Where'd they get their money? Maybe he inherited it... they inherited it."

In another conversation with The New York Times, a sociology professor at Saint Mary's College in California broke down just how loaded Kevin's family must have been. Famously, the Federal Reserve calculated how much the McCalisters must have been earning at the time to afford this palace in Chicago, Illinois. Does $305,000 per year in those days sound like a lot?

"[John Hughes's] stories usually favor the perspective of the working class kid or the poor kid who is trying to gain access to a wealthier peer group, for instance," Robert Bulman, the Saint Mary's College of California professor, explained. "But in 'Home Alone,' it's unmistakably a victory for Kevin as a child, but also Kevin as a rich kid defending his impressive fortress."

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