Concord, New Multiplayer Shooter From PlayStation, Gets First Gameplay and Release Date

Sony's new hero shooter Concord is coming sooner than you might've thought.

Today's PlayStation State of Play was full of new announcements and reveals. Many of these projects are still relatively far away, but one major announcement was that PlayStation's upcoming hero shooter Concord is coming very soon. We also hadn't seen the game in action before this showcase. Fortunately, the developers at Firewalk Studio revealed an extended CGI trailer showing off several of the characters you'll get to play as and a chunky teaser of what gameplay will look like when Concord ships later this year. Of course, the hero shooter space has gotten crowded over the last several years, so it will take some work for Concord to stand out from the crowd.

Concord Release Date

As mentioned, Concord is getting a beta on PlayStation 5 and PC before it hits its full release. The developers didn't reveal the exact date but said the beta will launch in July. Most likely, we'll hear more about what to expect next month as the team preps for the beta period. Either way, players won't have to wait much longer after the beta drops, because Concord is currently scheduled to release on August 23rd.

Of course, development is never a straight line and that date could move around. After all, we've seen other shooters like XDefiant struggle to get out the door for one reason or the other. That doesn't mean Concord is at risk of being delayed, but it's fair to say that the beta might reveal issues the team needs to fix before the game launches. Hopefully, it's not enough to push the release date back and players can jump in on August 23rd.

Concord Gameplay Reveal

The two-minute gameplay trailer for Concord didn't reveal too many specifics. If you've played games like Overwatch, you essentially know what to expect. The game will likely have mechanics to help differentiate itself from the crowd, but the developers are saving that deep dive for a later date. What is worth noting is the focus Firewalk is trying to put on story-telling. Each week, players will be treated to a new vignette featuring the characters from the game. These continuing stories will help build out the universe, creating a few fan favorites along the way.

Remember Concord is scheduled to launch on August 23rd on PlayStation 5 and PC, but will have a beta period in July.