Star Wars Creator George Lucas Addresses Martin Scorsese's Comments About Marvel Movies

George Lucas thinks Martin Scorsese has changed his mind about Marvel...

In 2019, acclaimed director Martin Scorsese became a trending topic for comparing superhero films to theme parks. The director's comments about Marvel are often brought up in interviews with various big names in Hollywood, and everyone seems to have a different opinion. Recently, Star Wars creator George Lucas was interviewed at Cannes by Brut 9, and was asked his thoughts on Scorsese saying that Marvel movies weren't cinema.

"Look. Cinema is the art of a moving image," Lucas explained. "So if the image moves, then it's cinema. I think Marty has kind of changed his mind a little bit." Lucas went on to talk about working with Scorsese and the Film Foundation, and how the Goodfellas director was originally opposed to making movies on digital, but he also came around on that idea. 

During the chat, Lucas also confirmed he is done making movies. 

"No, I'm retired," Lucas confirmed. "The last one I did as a producer was a thing called Strange Magic, which is an animated film. So I was doing movies that I wanted to do rather than ... I was financing myself and had my own studio ... I am building a museum in Los Angeles. It's keeping me very busy."

"The stories they're telling are just old movies," he added of Hollywood. "'Let's do a sequel, let's do another version of this movie' ... There's no original thinking ... The big studios, they don't have an imagination." You can watch the full interview below:

George Lucas Talks Star Wars Sequels:

In another Cannes interview, Lucas talked about the Star Wars sequelsThe Force Awakens, The Last Jedi, and The Rise of Skywalker

"I was the one one who really knew what Star Wars was ... who actually knew this world, because there's a lot to it. The Force, for example, nobody understood the Force," Lucas shared at the 77th Cannes Film Festival, per The Hollywood Reporter. "When they started other ones after I sold the company, a lot of the ideas that were in [the original] sort of got lost. But that's the way it is. You give it up, you give it up."

Earlier this year, Lucas publicly shared his support for Disney CEO Bob Iger during a proxy battle over the control of the company.

"Creating magic is not for amateurs," Lucas explained in a public statement at the time. "When I sold Lucasfilm just over a decade ago, I was delighted to become a Disney shareholder because of my longtime admiration for its iconic brand and Bob Iger's leadership."  

Stay tuned for more updates about Star Wars and Marvel.