BigCommerce vs WooCommerce.

Save more time, money, and peace of mind with BigCommerce.

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Former WooCommerce users saving more with BigCommerce include:

Ecommerce freedom isn’t free.

Free sounds good, until you consider costs of plug-ins, slower site speeds, time and maintenance requirements, and security risks. Get more native features, freedom, with no ceiling or proprietary friction you’ll find with other ecommerce platforms.

Big capabilities empowering five ecommerce imperatives:

Low/no code, headless, or both.

Create brand and shopping experience differentiation with unmatched freedom to use our hosted low/no code design suite, your own CMS or DXP in headless design, or both in a Multi-Storefront configuration.

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Transformed omnichannel.

Maximize traffic, demand, and sales across leading search, social, ad, affiliate, and marketplaces with our unmatched omnichannel capabilities including data transformation for increased conversions, ROAS, and revenue.

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Leading checkout freedom and UX.

Increase conversion rates with the best checkout UX, industry leading payments, shipping and tax capabilities, customizability, and B2B functionality in ecommerce.

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Faster expansion, less complexity.

Experience our unmatched simplicity for adding brands, geos, and channels to launch and grow revenue faster with our native Multi-Storefront, B2B+B2C, MLI BOPIS, and CaaS capabilities.

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Lower costs and risk.

Streamline operations and gain enterprise-grade performance with our unmatched combination of composability with lower complexity, low maintenance, Tier 1 security, and lower TCO.

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Full featured ecommerce, out of the box.

Design Freedom

Use Wordpress or our SEO, CRO, and mobile optimized suite of fully customizable themes and tools.

User Friendly

Our simplified backend allows non-tech users to easily create and manage, so devs focus on growth innovations.

Scalable Performance

Our platform and peak performance scale with your business, without slowing you down, and with no ceiling.

Leading Security

We provide Level 1 security and compliance automatically including PCI, ISO, SOC, GDPR, and CCPA.

Lower Costs

We never charge additional transaction fees, and we handle hosting and update maintenance saving you time and money.

Most Trusted

Our experts provide live, US-based support 24/7. We also offer expert migration, launch, and success services.

We make it easy to switch from WooCommerce.

Our WordPress integration simplifies moving your store to BigCommerce. Transfer independently with our Catalog Transfer app, or request support from our expert Migration Services team.


Cyberweek uptime since 2016.

(99.98% since 2009)


ROI within 8 months.


Developer time savings.

By year three.


Increase in site conversion.

By year three.


Product SKUs.

Unlimited possible.


API calls per second.

“We saw a drastic improvement in our site load times after migrating to BigCommerce. On average, our page load times were close to six seconds with WooCommerce. Now, we’re about one second, which is an 80% improvement.”

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