BigCommerce vs. Shopify Plus

More freedom. Less maintenance. No ceiling.

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Brands who chose BigCommerce over Shopify Plus:

Don’t take our word for it.

Design seamless online brand experiences, your way.

“The question we asked ourselves was, ‘how do we find the quickest path to value? We didn't have 12 months to get things done, we had six months,” Naish recounts. We needed speed. We needed flexibility. We needed connectivity, but most importantly, we needed to demonstrate the viability of digital. BigCommerce had what we were looking for and it was cost effective, too.”

Luke Naish, Executive GM, Tradelink

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Get modern capabilities and agility, natively.

“Ease of use, advanced merchandising capabilities, and a streamlined navigation and filtering experience are why BigCommerce was chosen over Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Adobe Commerce Cloud, and Shopify Plus.”

Ken Natori, President, Natori

Migrated From: InsiteCommerce

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Grow on your own terms, with no ceiling.

“Now that we've seen how the scalability of BigCommerce performs in terms of its ability to handle increased transaction volume and velocity, we’re even more convinced it was the best solution for us to build on.”

Mark Hopkins, CIO, Skullcandy

Migrated from: Salesforce Commerce Cloud

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Adapt, launch, test, and innovate faster.

“Whether through price lists, customized commercial quotes or tax support, BigCommerce’s native functionality and extensive partner app marketplace delivers the hybrid B2C and B2B capabilities we needed to tailor our site to our diverse audiences.”

Sean Flaherty, Marketing Director, US Cutter

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Get more freedom.

Different ecosystems.

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Shopify monetizes its client base through proprietary technologies with additional costs for using “outside” solutions. This creates a gated ecosystem.

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BigCommerce provides open choice to partner with best-in-class solutions. This empowers a flexible, modern ecommerce ecosystem.

More big differences.

Different in focus.

Shopify Plus acts as a payment gateway, a shipping and fulfillment provider, and an email marketing service — all under the label “ecommerce platform”.

In contrast, BigCommerce focuses all resources on building the best cloud-based, multi-channel platform in the industry — backed by obsessive merchant success support after the sale.

Different in native features.

Shopify Plus offers few additional features beyond what is included in Shopify for small businesses, so several third-party apps are needed to reach native feature parity with BigCommerce.

BigCommerce natively offers Powerful B2B features, Multi-Storefront, Feedonomics, BOPIS, fully customizable check out, Amazon Buy with Prime integration, advanced promotions and loyalty — all intuitively managed from one platform — with automatic hosting, updates, compliance, and Tier 1 security included.

Different in pricing.

Shopify Plus plans start at “$2000 USD per month or a variable fee for higher volume businesses.”

BigCommerce Enterprise plans are custom tailored to your needs, annual online GMV, and desired configuration. While Shopify Plus may raise fees for higher volume (in addition to charging for use of solutions outside their ecosystem), BigCommerce never adds transaction fees, and rewards your success by reducing the cost per order as you grow in volume.