X-Men '97 Showrunner Shares Man of Steel Finale Reference

Man of Steel hovers over several parts of X-Men '97.

X-Men '97's showrunner revealed the sneaky Man of Steel inspiration for one finale moment. On Twitter, Beau DeMayo spoke about Rogue's little dance with Bastion. As a big fan of the Zack Snyder movie, the showrunner talked about the emotions running through the scene. Anyone who watched all of X-Men '97 knows that our girl Rogue was going through it over the course of those episodes. That made a lot of viewers sit up and cheer when she finally got her hands on the X-Men villain. Now, she didn't get the ultimate blow on the bad guy, but it had to feel pretty good. That cathartic moment is exactly what DeMayo and the team were shooting for. It's just really fun that a massive episode like this could take cues from Henry Cavill's take on The Man of Steel.

DeMayo typed, "I was likely subconsciously influenced by this when writing the #xmen97 finale beat of Rogue punching Bastion. That's not Superman hammering Zod. It's Clark, a son furiously defending the woman who raised and protected him. The action is driven by emotion not plot. #manofsteel"

X-Men '97 Enters The Wait For Season 2

(Photo: Marvel Animation)

X-Men '97 has sparked so much fan love on the Internet that social media is now rabidly awaiting Season 2. ComicBook recently spoke to director Jake Castorena about the finale. During that interview, we managed to get an update on how Season 2 is going. Yes, it's already in the oven. But, that doesn't mean we're going to get it this year. At the moment, we have to remain patient and see what the creative team has cooking.

"I equate it like, 'We're baking a cake right now.' Nobody wants to ruin a cake. I don't want to ruin a cake. Let us bake it," Castorena smiled. "The cake is well underway and being made, being fabricated as we speak. There is no rest for the wicked I guess. To use that phrase. We rolled right into Season 2, while we were on Season 1!"

Elsewhere in the interview, the director talked about not straying from X-Men: The Animated Series all that much. "It's all about, we're on a team. It's something we realize that we give ourselves false parameters to make sure we're checking our math," Castorena said. "Whether it's nerd math, geographical math, whatever it is. We gave ourselves false parameters to make sure to keep us in check, to make sure we're not going too far away from the original DNA that is the OG show. But, also adapting it. Fresh, but familiar."

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