MultiVersus Launch Trailer Reveals Jason Vorhees as New Playable Character

The killer from Camp Crystal Lake is coming to... fight Bugs Bunny?

When MultiVersus launches later this month, the game is going to get a whole lot scarier. WB Games released a launch trailer for the game, and Jason Vorhees was revealed as a playable character. In the trailer, the star of the Friday the 13th franchise can be seen allied with the Joker, who was also revealed as a new fighter earlier in the month. The trailer is all cinematic, so we don't know how Jason will actually play in the game, or what alternate skins players will be available. 

The launch trailer for MultiVersus can be found below. 

MultiVersus Newcomers

In addition to Jason, Joker can be seen flanked by Agent Smith, the main antagonist from The Matrix franchise. Agent Smith will be a playable character in the game, but he will not be appearing at launch. WB Games has confirmed that the villain won't be arriving until sometime later in the season. Unfortunately, Smith does not speak in the trailer, so there's no way of knowing if Hugo Weaving will reprise the role. 

The arrival of Jason Vorhees in MultiVersus is pretty surprising! The legal rights surrounding the character's usage were something of a mess up until very recently; it was just announced last week that Horror, Inc. is planning a number of projects in which Jason will appear, from movies and TV shows, to new video games. Following that announcement, there was speculation that Jason will be appearing in Fortnite and Call of Duty. That could still happen, but it appears his first appearance in a new game will be MultiVersus, instead. 

Adapting Jason to MultiVersus

It will be interesting to see how developer Player First Games adapts Jason to work within the world of MultiVersus. We've seen more light-hearted takes on the character over the years, including in Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle. However, that game still had an M-rating, while MultiVersus is rated T for Teen by the ESRB. Warner Bros. is targeting players of all-ages (Jason notably did not appear on any of the recent Happy Meal toys), so players shouldn't expect buckets of blood, or anything too violent. 

Jason will obviously have to be adapted to fit within the confines of this world, and it's hard to say how well it will work before we've seen any actual gameplay. That said, with MultiVersus releasing on May 28th, we can probably expect a gameplay trailer following this cinematic one, just as we got with the Joker

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