New Doom Game Leaks Ahead of Xbox Reveal

The new DOOM game will reportedly be unveiled at the Xbox Games Showcase next month.

There have been unofficial rumblings surrounding a new DOOM game for a while now, with the new game in Bethesda and id Software's first-person shooter series rumored to be in-development since 2021, with more promising leaks coming late last year. At the time, the new DOOM game titled Year Zero was amidst the titles in a major leak from Microsoft in the wake of the company's court case with the FTC, mentioned on a release schedule alongside a list of other games from Bethesda and Xbox including Dishonored 3, Ghostwire: Tokyo 2, and remasters of Fallout 3 and The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

While there's still yet to be anything official regarding Year Zero, it appears this may not be the case soon as the Xbox Games Showcase is approaching on June 9th. According to an exclusive report by Insider Gaming, specifically Tom Henderson who has a fairly consistent track record of providing reliable information, the new DOOM game will be officially revealed at the event. According to Insider Gaming Year One was a placeholder title for the game, which has been in-development for at least four years and is officially titled DOOM: The Dark Ages.

The Verge also previously seemed to imply the new DOOM game would be showcased at the Xbox event in June earlier this month, so while the exclusive report from Insider Gaming should likely still be met with a healthy level of disbelief, the fact it's a reoccurring bit of information hopefully indicates DOOM fans should start getting their hopes up. Regardless, we'll know one way or another if these reports are accurate in just a couple of weeks when the Xbox Games Showcase takes place.

The report from Insider Gaming also includes the updated setting for the DOOM franchise with The Dark Ages, transporting the shooter to Medieval times. Further elaborating on this setting shift, Insider Gaming alleges that The Dark Ages has previously been described to them as being "a medieval inspired DOOM world." Given the information that has come to unofficial light thus far (the development title Year One, the official title The Dark Ages, and the description given to Insider Gaming), it seems the next installment to the DOOM franchise may serve as a prequel in the Doom Slayer's story – though we'll need to see something official before it can be said for certain.