Nintendo Switch Online Adds New Set of Limited Time Freebies

Nintendo Switch Online subscribers might want to spend some Platinum points this week.

One of the nicest perks for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers is the ability to obtain exclusive profile icons. Over the last few years, Nintendo has made a habit of releasing exclusive icons based on the company's newest releases. This week is no exception, as subscribers can now claim profile icons based on Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door! The first batch is available to claim right now, and includes designs based on Mario, Peach, Goombella, Professor Frankly, an X-Naut, and Lord Crump. Each one costs 10 Platinum points. There are also backgrounds based on Rogueport Square and Mario's Crystal Star map for 5 points. 

This is only the first wave of profile icons based on the game, and these ones will only be available to claim through May 29th. Over the coming weeks, players can expect to see four waves in total, which will feature partner characters like Flurrie, Koops, Yoshi, and Ms. Mowz, as well as supporting characters like Bowser. Images of the first wave can be found below. \

(Photo: Nintendo)

How to Get Platinum Points

Platinum points are extremely easy to come by, so if Paper Mario fans don't have enough to get these profile icons in addition to the freebies revealed yesterday, there should be plenty of ways to earn more. For example, Nintendo Switch Online subscribers can get 50 Platinum points right now just by playing The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past on the SNES app. Those points should be earned just by booting up the game, and as a bonus, players will also unlock the ability to claim profile icons based on the title

Nintendo Switch Upcoming Games

The four waves of profile icons based on Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door will run through June 19th. That timing works out pretty well, as Luigi's Mansion 2 HD will be released on Nintendo Switch on June 27th. That's Nintendo's next first-party game set to release this year, so you can pretty much guarantee that we'll see more freebies based on it. July 18th will see the release of Nintendo World Championships: NES Edition, which could get its own themed profile icons as well. 

Beyond those two games, the rest of Nintendo's release schedule for 2024 is something of a mystery at the moment. However, a Nintendo Direct has been confirmed to take place in June, so we should have a lot more details about Nintendo's 2024 plans within the next few weeks! 

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