Nintendo Leak Reveals 2 Unannounced Mario Games

Looks like Nintendo has (or had) plans for at least to more Mario games in development.

New, unannounced Mario games from Nintendo have leaked after an insider shared details about their codenames this week to suggest what these games might pertain to. This Nintendo news comes during a time when many Nintendo fans are waiting on a Nintendo Switch 2 announcement, so it could very well be that one of these leaked Mario games is something meant for that new Nintendo console. It's unknown, however, if the other of the two leaked Mario projects is even in development anymore.

This latest Nintendo leak in question comes from Midori, an insider known best for their leaks pertaining to Atlus and the Persona series. Midori shared on their X account this week two tidbits about Mario projects within Nintendo: "SPRed" and "SilverStar."

SPRed is the more interesting of the two because that's the one that Midori suggests is actively in development within Nintendo. For those unaware, "Red" is fittingly the codename for Mario as far as Nintendo's known codenames for its in-development projects go, so it's safe to say from that part of the name that this is a Nintendo game. It's unclear what the "SP" means in this context, though many in Midori's replies are hoping that this codename is referencing a new 3D Mario game. The last new 3D Mario game that Nintendo fans got was Super Mario Odyssey back in 2017, so if this is indeed a 3D Mario game, it's an overdue one in the eyes of many Mario fans.

As for the other project mentioned, SilverStar, less is known about that since it lacks the "Red" part of the name that implicates Mario, but it's still thought to be something in the realm of Mario given that it uses "Star" in the name. "RedStar," as Midori pointed out, was the codename for Super Mario Odyssey when it was in development, so the assumption there is that SilverStar might've been something related to a spinoff or follow-up of sorts.'

It's worth noting, however, that Midori said SilverStar "was" a project at Nintendo, so it could be that SilverStar is not longer happening or has been shelved at the least during the buildup to the Nintendo Switch 2.