Nintendo Opening New San Francisco Store

Nintendo's second official US store will open next year.

Most Nintendo fans are hoping to hear about the successor to the Nintendo Switch at some point in the next few months. While the console maker hasn't given us an indication of exactly when to expect more news, it has continued to tease the console while announcing several other upcoming Nintendo-related products. The most notable of these might be Nintendo's plans to add another official store after the success of the New York City store that opened recently. This time, the company is eying San Franciso, giving it an official presence on both coasts in the US.

Nintendo San Francisco Store Announced


Nintendo officially announced that the San Francisco store will open in 2025. The company didn't give an exact release date, but it is coming sometime next year. As mentioned, that'll give Nintendo two stores on US soil, one on each coast. In the future, it might make sense to build a store in Chicago to cover the middle of the country, but that's a conversation for another day.

Most likely, the store in San Francisco will look very similar to the one in NYC. Nintendo might add a few special touches to entice fans to make the trip to both stores, but the store will likely feature all kinds of Nintendo-themed apparel and gear for players to pick up. Of course, with the live space, Nintendo will also periodically host in-person events for players to attend. For example, the New York store recently held an event to celebrate the release of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.

When Will the Nintendo Switch 2 Be Announced?

As mentioned, the Nintendo Switch 2 (or whatever its official name ends up being) is at the forefront of Nintendo fans' minds. Thus far, Nintendo has kept everything close to its chest while fans wait. We recently learned that the next system will officially continue to use the current Nintendo Account system. This could be a hint that the Switch successor is backward compatible, but we'll have to wait for further clarification from Nintendo.

While Nintendo hasn't said much about when it plans to unveil its next console, many fans think the announcement is coming later this year. The team confirmed we won't hear about it during its summer showcase, but that still leaves the fall season completely open. Hopefully, something official will be announced over the next several months.