Netflix Announces BET, a New Live-Action Adaptation of Kakegurui

Netflix is embarking on another live-action anime adaptation with Kakegurui.

It looks like Netflix is gearing up for another live-action anime adaptation. With hits like One Piece and Yu Yu Hakusho on hand, the service has another big project in mind. Today, Netflix revealed its cast for a new series BET, a live-action adaptation of Kakegurui.

According to Netflix, BET will be headed up by a solid cast including Miku Martineau, Ayo Solanke, Eve Edwards, Clara Alexandrova, Hunter Cardinal, Anwen O'Driscoll, Aviva Mongillo and Ryan Sutherland. As for the show's story, it will draw inspiration from the original Kakegurui manga and anime. Set an an elite boarding school, BET follows a group of students who navigate the school's cutthroat hierarchy and find themselves dabbling with underground gambling.

(Photo: Netflix)

Currently, BET is in production in Toronto, Canada. No release window has been given for the live-action adaptation at this point. As for its crew, Simon Barry is directing and writing the drama. With ten episodes to its name, BET hopes to bring the world of Kakegurui outside of Japan and into a new world. So for those wanting to know more about BET, a short synopsis of the series was posted by Netflix today:

"In BET, the boarding school's hierarchy is upturned when Yumeko, a mysterious transfer student arrives from Japan with a dark secret and a gambling prowess that puts her in the crosshairs of the powerful Student Council. Ultimately, her revenge quest threatens to upend the school's status quo entirely."

If you are not familiar with Kakegurui on its own, the original series began in March 2014 under Homura Kawamoto and Toru Naomura. The manga is ongoing, and thanks to MAPPA, Kakagurui was given a hit anime adaptation starting in September 2017. A live-action drama for Kakegurui was released in Japan in 2018 which became a hit on Netflix. And now, the site is investing in a Hollywood adaptation of the high-stakes thriller with BET.

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